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The Fishfinder.
A fish-lexicon and
a phrase book.

180 Illustrations (fish, shellfish and
jelly fish from fresh and salt waters)
with approx. 8000 fish names and spelling forms.
Complete register for each Language. 168 Pages, 200 x 116 mm,
Printed 2007
EUR 16,90
ISBN 978-3-00-021238-3

The book fishfinder,
A fish Lexicon for fish freaks.


Grey in Grey but none the less wild: ea Fish Lexicon in 26 languages. What in heavens name is a Lotte or Seeteufel in Norwegian? Because they were not familiar with the Norwegian language during their fishing trip through Norway but were eager to explain to their host what fish they had caught, resorted Mathias Suess and Oliver Friel to pencil and paper and sketched a picture of their catch. With this measure they saved their fishing holiday and at the same time the idea for a most unusual book was born," Fishfinder".
The simple name is self explanatory: a pocket book that gives reference to 180 of the most popular fish species in 26 languages in the old European continent. From Neunauge to Steinbeißer or Seestern, the reader experiences, not only the names of the different fish arts but also when needed, the Latin, Estonian or Rumanian names, together with a list of 8500 names and information regarding weight and size of the fish and what they eat..
Why the Norwegian host without verbal contact was in the position to help the two commercial artists is attributed to the defined layout of the Anglervademekums." We want to break away from the old dust collecting fish manuals" and show this in their presentation, defined through the rules of modern aesthetics.
Suess and Friel dispensed of colourful layouts and long boring descriptions. The fish are shown in a decent grey tone deliberately exaggerated technically but without frills, only the abbreviation of the countries Translation is defined in a light red colour. A sparingly coloured card indicates a promising fishing area.
The fish have been sorted on hand the taxonomic criteria, this means what art, form and species. An alphabetical index enables inpatient readers to quickly find the fish they are looking for. The authors in this aspect acted unselfishly. "Ultimately", Suess and Friel are of the opinion that, "we don't just catch the fish but would also like to quickly eat them".

"fisch-babylon" Mare No. 67/2008.

Every fish is
pictured in 25 European languages:

bulgarian / български
czech / česky
danish / dansk
german / deutsch
greek / ελληνικά
spanish / español
estonian / eesti
finnish / suomi
french / français
serb-croat / hrvatski - srpski
hungarian / magyar
icelandic / Íslenska
italian / italiano
latvian / latviešu
lithuanian / lietuvių
dutch / nederlands
norwegian / norsk
polish / polski
portuguese / português
romanian / româna˘
russian / русский
slovenian / slovenščina
swedish / svenska
turkish / türkçe

The "Der Feinschmecker", Magazine Germany
Polygotz Fish.
Fish and other animals in the oceans are becoming increasingly rare, but textbooks are improving. A windfall for well travelled Gourmets and patient Anglers: the fish finder by Mathias Suess and Oliver Friel. The work makes 180 major European fish and marine animal species using illustrations and concise information such as size, location, diet. This is in addition to the Latin names and the names in 25 current European Languages.

Fishers- Primer for Europe.
An Indispensible pocket book for frequent travelling fishers and fish friends. The fishfinder by Oliver Friel and Mathias Suess (Düsseldorf 2007, 168 pages Euro 16,90) lists 180 European fish and Marine species, explained with concise illustrations which also inform you of the sizes and the distribution areas. The book also gives their names in 26 languages of Europe, from Island to Turkey. fishfinder is available in bookstores or under

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