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ISBN 978-3-00-021238-3. Main Dealer in Germany is LIBRI. Even easier would be to order the book over Amazon.
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Kutter & Küste, German Magazine
Fish what are you called in Russian?
180 European fish names in 26 European languages that's how easy it is to sum up the contents of this book "fishfinder" from the two German Authors Mathias Suess and Oliver Friel. Every Language has its own register and so regardless in which language you are searching with, you will always find what you are looking for. The 168 paged book is divided into two categories, Fresh and Saltwater art, the Latin names are written largely over every fish, also the basic information such as average and maximum sizes together with a cross section sketch of the respective body shape. The 180 fish sketches are presented in a grey tone.

Fly-Fishing Practice
Fishfinder This Lexicon at first glance is little unusual and superficial, one of the reasons for this is. The chosen colour for the presentation of the fish/animals. At first i did not think it was very helpful. But as I began to go into the book in a little more depth I had to admit that the authors Suess and Friel had put a great deal of work and thought into making this book as easy to use as possible and I must admit due to my own attempt they have succeeded. Fishfinder has the potential in becoming the standard work for every keen travelling angler under this theme. The fishfinder is not designed as a book that defines characteristics and behaviour of the fish/sea species in detail but more as a work that simply helps you to find in 26 languages the fish you are searching for, however we do lay great importance in informing you of the weight, length of the edible fish and very revolutionary is the integrated cross section diagram of the fish body. Also Mussels, Shellfish and jelly fish are in there most important arts covered in this book. The layout and size is perfect for outdoor use and this is a must for such a work. I can only guess at what the primary idea was during the creation of this book but what is apparent is that the angler community in Europe will through this book come closer together due to the breaking down of language barriers.
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