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FishfinderPro App.
Fishnames mobile for clever Travellers.

For Intuitive search or targeted inputs.
The quick way to finding a fish or a fish name.
For all 25 European languages.

You are abroad, for example Island fishing for Salmon, or the Canary Islands in a restaurant and you have a question regarding a particular fish, for example where do you catch what fish or what does lampuga mean on the menu? The fishfinder and the fishfinder pro App can help you to answer these questions quickly and without complications.

You can enter certain fish names in 25 languages, or also intuitively look through the pages. Through the name function you will receive the present fish names to your question, in 25 European languages! The extensive register gives you additional support.

You can also configure your App according to your wishes.
For example trips plan. According to which country you are planning on visiting just enter the preferred language on top, thus for example a visit to Portugal would function as follows: English as the mother tongue at the top followed by the other countries. The language at the top has always the main influence over the App.

It is comfortable and easy.
And the fishfinderpro App functions also offline. In other words you will not endure extra roaming costs on your travels.

FishfinderPro by Apple
The App FishfinderPro is available in your apple iTunes store for 3,99 Euro.

GEO saison, Magazine Germany
"Culinary travel - not just the human, even the fish gets around - and everywhere they have a different name: Rape in Spain, monkfish in England, merikrotti in Finland. The fish finder was invented that Gourmets, anglers and nature lovers can find the correct name of fish immediately. Confined space and graphically sophisticated, 180 species occurring in Europe are presented in 26 languages of the continent ... And hopefully never again the wrong fish on your plate!”

Spiegel online
Nice presents for better sex..
„ an alternative remains the graphic line. Approx. 80 percent of all sisters have in one way or another professionally a connection to graphic design. Then the graphic design fits with its countless fish species which are all portrayed in a hip graphic design look..."

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