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Be honest did you know that there are 26 European languages? No? And surely several more. However hat is not our theme at present. Our theme is a genial pocket book called fishfinder which is actually written in 26 European languages. No not in different countries and translated into their languages, the 26 European languages are all found in the same book! A book which serves not just the travel happy fly fisher, but also the touring gourmets, businessmen and language researchers. Why genial? That has to do with the system: Short, concise and easy to understand. Not only the different names of 180 European fish and shell fish that have been documented but also their scientific (Lat.) names. Dissemination areas, habitats, Length and weight, food and also cross section diagrams. Quite a lot of info, don't you think? Nonetheless every fish occupies only half a page in this book. Clever symbolism makes it possible. The sorting is carried out taxonomically, fresh and saltwater fish and at the end of the book is an extensive register with approx. 8500 names all, alphabetically sorted. Our view is: An amazing book of high practical use!

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