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Oliver Friel (Оливер Фриль)
Издательский дизайн, графический дизайн.

Mathias Suess (Матиас Зюсс)

Jens Teich (Йенс Тайх)
Программист. FileMaker Solutions. FileMaker Solutions. FileMaker Magazin Award 2014 for best Tool.

Fish swim all over the globe they have no borders; it's just a shame that in every country they have a different name. For example salmon in Finnish is called "Lohi"and in Rumanian "Somon".How on earth are we expected to remember all these names? Attention! all you gourmets, fishers, naturalists and lovers of the global vocabulary you will receive a work with 180 European fish species in 26 different languages by name and in sophisticated graphic detail.

„fishfinder -180 European fishes in 26 European languages“ is a book for the European majority: Languages, communication-fish. 180 European sea species are, due to concise and defined illustrations, together the Latin names make it easy to identify. For every single fish is in all of the 25 languages (plus the Latin name) one or more of the more common names. The 29-piece register with approx. 8500 names alphabetically listed attributes to the fact that this work will be for travellers, fishers, gourmets and economists, or just people interested in languages, an indispensible companion. This work, due to its information concerning distribution areas of the fish together with weight, length, habitat, food and a detailed graphic dissection makes it complete.

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